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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018

Difference between Post and Pages in wordpress

Difference between Post and Pages in wordpress

As a beginner, you may have doubt what is post and what is pages and what is the difference between them?

Some may have doubt like why should I use pages and post? And when should I use?

Often wordpress beginners get confused in these topics. So let’s start learning about it.

Post is a list of articles on your blog website. Which are organized. It is organized based on categories and tags.

  • Categories: It means organizing of contents into different parts.
  • Tags: On the first look it gives sense to the reader what the blog is about and it is also useful in finding the related content.

Pages are any page of your website. E.g. your website homepage or your contact page etc.

Pages are used for static contents but post contents are not static it can be updated. Posts are meant to be timely. It will be archived as it gets older by months and years.

Post has a built-in commenting feature which allows visitors to comment. It basically encourages conversation. While, in Pages you don’t want anyone to comment on your legal disclaimers pages.

Pages are hierarchical in nature. Subpages can be created but post is not hierarchical, it can be categorized.

Pages have custom page template features which allow customizing the look of each page but post doesn’t have this feature.

We will learn in detail about post and pages in my next article.